What Are Some Good Causes?

When you run a basic Google search for good causes, you’ll come across many listings. You’ll see food banks, shelters and homeless services, child and family services, crisis services, and more. A good cause is anything that improves or assists an individual, group, or organisation in achieving a goal. It can alleviate another’s burden or make a positive impact on the world.

Many causes fall under this category. All of which involve groups and individuals working toward a shared objective. Many of these worthwhile causes rely on financial contributions to achieve their objectives.

Similarly, organisations dedicated to improve the quality of life for specific categories of people exist. Organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Fisher House Foundation, American Red Cross, and agoodcause.com are examples of this. Each organisation has its own objective. They all support a good cause that will provide relief and assistance to those who are in need however.

Ronald McDonald House Charities 

When your child becomes ill and is admitted to the hospital, the last thing you want to think about is where you’ll sleep or where your next meal will come from. This is especially true for parents who live far away from their children; or who have a child who will be hospitalised for an extended period of time.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities was founded on the belief that nothing else should matter when a family’s first concern is their child’s health.

Families can stay at a Ronald McDonald House and enjoy home-cooked dinners, private bedrooms, and children’s playrooms.

The Ronald McDonald Houses are sponsored and made possible by generous donors whether including individuals, groups or businesses. Those families that require their services can use them for little to no cost, depending on their circumstances. Their stay can range from one night to several months; even a year or more, depending on the circumstances of each family.

Families with a sick child can remain at a Ronald McDonald House for free for the duration of their child’s treatment. And that is regardless of their financial situation. Families can concentrate on their child’s health instead of worrying about paying for their stay. The charity believes that the love and support of their family can be just as potent as the strongest treatment doctors can provide. This is why they are dedicated to providing a home for families to stay so they may be close to their children.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the first organisations to respond in the event of a natural disaster. That’s because they provide a wide range of services aimed at providing assistance and support to those in need. It also assists individuals in being better prepared to respond to catastrophes.

According to the American Red Cross website, the organisation responds to an average of 60,000 disasters each year, or about one every eight minutes. 95% of disaster relief personnel are volunteers. They respond to a wide range of crises, from house fires to huge natural disasters and everything in between.

Disaster relief, blood banks, training and certification, military veterans and foreign services are the five key areas where the American Red Cross focuses its resources. The American Red Cross is able to give clean water, safe shelter, and hot meals to individuals devastated by natural catastrophes when they are most needed. Following the initial incident, the American Red Cross continues to help people who have been impacted. They are able to help arrange and administer financial support for both immediate and long-term needs. This is thanks to their efforts and strong collaboration with community leaders, government, and relief groups.

Blood donations are another important part of the American Red Cross because there is no alternative for blood.

Every day, people all around the world require life-saving blood transfusions. These people include accident victims, burn sufferers, patients undergoing major surgery or organ transplants, and cancer patients. According to the American Red Cross, someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. This important service is only available thanks to generous blood drive donations. Blood donation is something that every healthy adult can do.

Certifications and training to prepare for an emergency are among the other services given by the American Red Cross. For health care personnel, this includes first aid, CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator) training, swimming training, babysitting and caregiving training, Certified nursing assistant training, and Basic life support training. The American Red Cross also helps military and veteran families in the United States. This is done by assisting them during deployments and emergencies, as well as providing home comforts and crucial services on bases and in military hospitals around the world. The American Red Cross assists the military in a variety of ways, including providing 24/7 worldwide emergency communication services across the country and beyond the world.

They rely on volunteers and generous supporters to help them achieve their goals. From blood drives done across the country to volunteers who respond to disasters and provide assistance; for those who want to get engaged and lend a hand, the American Red Cross has a variety of volunteer options. These opportunities are featured on their website, where you can learn about how to volunteer with the Red Cross.


Agoodcause.com runs ongoing campaigns to assist other good causes in communities around the world.  Veterans assistance collection, cancer research, world hunger relief, children and youth impact, disaster relief, and animal abuse are among the campaigns. You can visit agoodcause.com for more information on these different causes that agoodcause.com has for ongoing causes, or to make a donation.

There are numerous groups, organisations, and foundations which provide services and goods.  All of these organisations are dedicated to improving and alleviating the plight of those who are suffering or down on their luck. Despite having similar goals, they each appeal to a specific group, all of which are worthwhile causes that benefit others.