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TimeSlips Gives People with Dementia the Freedom to Imagine

  As memories fade and reality blurs, there’s still one thing to cherish: imagination. As we watch loved ones “lose their mind” we don’t have to fear that they will lose their freedom to create, thanks to a powerful and playful “improvisational storytelling” project called TimeSlips. Since it was established in 1998, the TimeSlips Creative […]

GlobalGiving Collects Stories at the Source

  GlobalGiving, a charity fundraising website, launched the Storytelling Project in Kenya to collect feedback “straight from the source”–from the nonprofits and social entrepreneurs that benefit their communities from the generous donations of their supporters. While GlobalGiving is staffed by 25 people in Washington, D.C., it has created a network of more than 1,000 organizations implementing small […]

Tech for Good: Microvolunteers

  Let’s face it. Our attention spans have waned to the point where we can’t even focus on lending a helping hand. Thank goodness for Sparked, the world’s first microvolunteering network, formerly known as The Extraordinaries. It’s a concept similar to Gigwalk, the app that pays you to walk around and explore, which we wrote about […]

Top 5 Tools for Telling Beautiful Stories

COWBIRD http://cowbird.com/ Create your own personal saga with this new audio-visual storytelling platform. Founder Jonathan Harris (of We Feel Fine fame) created the totally free website to keep a slower-paced chronicle of the “human experience” as a respite from the frenzied world of quick-fire tweets and status updates. The result is a beautiful ecosystem of stories with built-in social sharing capabilities, […]

The Future of Media is Storytelling

“As we move to this world where we consume things on screen and the lines blur between television and radio and the printed word and every medium, everything is going to be catered to storytelling,” says writer Nick Bilton in a recent interview with Wired.com. The techie journalist, who’s written about everything from crowdsourcing hamburgers […]