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Mobile Technology Empowers Women, Enables Wealth

This article is part of our coverage of the 2012 Net Impact Conference in Baltimore. It originally appeared on Triple Pundit. “Across the board, nobody wants to do accounting,”  said Shivani Siroya, founder and CEO of inVenture, a global credit scoring company. ”It’s difficult or  they’re lazy or they don’t see the purpose.” Her company, currently working in India, is trying […]

Games for Girls: Social or Sexist?

  Of all demographics, women over age 30 consistently show more interest in mobile gaming than any others. Of course, there are some companies that specifically target younger users. Crowdstar, the fourth largest social gaming company in the world, focuses on the “younger female demographic,” according to its CEO Peter Relan. One of its latest […]

Q&A with Patrick Timony: From Library Stacks to Coding Hacks

  Gone are the days when librarians merely helped customers find books among the stacks. Nowadays, some of these information professionals specialize in helping to build tools that meet the needs of their community, including the “print-disabled,” or people who are unable to read print material, whether due to blindness, dyslexia or another disability. Patrick Timony […]