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Upcoming Event: Media That Matters 2012

The Media That Matters conference is a two-day festival that brings together professionals, artists and students interested in making an impact through media. As a joint project of the Center for Social Media and Arts Engine, Inc., the conference provides a platform to showcase a year’s accomplishments in using media for social good, and it also encourages conversation and experience sharing to make things even better. […]

Festival Highlight: The Future of Outreach: New Trends in Digital Media for Nonprofits

The Benevolent Media Festival is a celebration of Washington, D.C.’s community of storytellers and designers dedicated to social and environmental good. Members of the community who identify as “benevolent media creators” are invited to host and organize their own lectures, workshops, performances, networking events or other activities, located at multiple venues across the city, that compel audiences […]

The Future of Media: News Filters

The Future of Media: News Filters

  Are news filters giving us an artificially “positive outlook?” Photo by ViaMoi. Over the last decade, the world of news media has changed significantly, allowing more voices to share their stories and more ears to listen. There has been a convergence of major media conglomerates, the introduction of social media, and the spread of the Internet, including the ever popular […]