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Register for 2013 Media That Matters Conference

Media that Matters is an annual conference presented by the Center for Social Media in Washington, D.C. It is designed for established and aspiring filmmakers, nonprofit communications leaders, funders, and students who want to learn and share cutting-edge practices to make their media matter. The theme of the 2013 conference is “Measure for Measure,” focusing on […]

A Better World by Design: Barnum Workshop

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be attending A Better World by Design, a three-day conference held annually in Providence, Rhode Island to build a global community of socially conscious and passionate innovators. I’ve been invited to attend a workshop, hosted by Barnum, a design and innovation firm.  I’ll have 15 minutes to pitch my idea […]

Transformational Media Summit Starts Today!

Our peers in Europe are asking the same question we are: How can media help create a better world? Today marks the kick-off for the two-day Transformational Media Summit in London. The new initiative brings together pioneers from across the globe to explore how media can help us solve social, environmental and economic challenges. Themes covered include: […]

Upcoming Event: Media That Matters 2012

The Media That Matters conference is a two-day festival that brings together professionals, artists and students interested in making an impact through media. As a joint project of the Center for Social Media and Arts Engine, Inc., the conference provides a platform to showcase a year’s accomplishments in using media for social good, and it also encourages conversation and experience sharing to make things even better. […]

The Importance of Design Thinking: Reflections from Compostmodern 2011

Let me start by stating: Compostmodern 2011 was one of the best conferences I have ever been to. I have been to a lot of conferences in many sectors in my life, including international and national symposiums on climate change, environmental, governance, greenbuilding, business, communications, innovation, technology and design. Not only was Compostmodern a great conference because […]