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Q&A with Christopher Ponzi: Seeking Rebellious Truths

  Christopher Ponzi is the co-founder and creative director of Rebellious Truths, an “anti-partisan” nonprofit, dedicated to building a social movement for truth, integrity and accountability in media, culture and politics. The grassroots organization uses all forms of media—from viral videos to digital advocacy—to challenge the status quo. Offline, the group also organizes creative events […]

#SMW12: Who Was Really Behind Internet Blackout Day?

  Benevolent Media is an official blogging partner of  Social Media Week in Washington, D.C. (#SMWWDC). To learn more about social media for social good events worldwide, read our Benevolent Guide to Social Media Week (#SMW12).  Audience member Yiming Roberts said she had hoped to hear more about the “backstory” and a “nuts and bolts” account at […]

Festival Highlight: Gandhi Brigade Youth Activists: Film Screening + Discussion

The Benevolent Media Festival is a celebration of Washington, D.C.’s community of storytellers and designers dedicated to social and environmental good. Members of the community who identify as “benevolent media creators” are invited to host and organize their own lectures, workshops, performances, networking events or other activities, located at multiple venues across the city, that compel audiences […]

Social Action Campaign: Risking Everything to Tell the Story of Their Lives

  Participant Media, the socially conscious production company behind highly acclaimed documentaries like An Inconvenient Truth and feature movies like Charlie Wilson’s War,  launched a Social Action Campaign this week to promote the “transformative power of storytelling,” in preparation for the August 10 premiere of The Help, a film based on the novel by Kathryn Stockett about African-American maids working […]