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Benevolent Media is a media and events company dedicated to celebrating storytelling and design for good.

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We are actively seeking talented and passionate people to join our team.


Who we want:

We need driven, passionate and detail-oriented volunteers to contribute to our blog and organize our events, including our annual festival in June. You must be comfortable with ambiguity; confident in person and online; lightning-fast and error-free in your communications; hyper-sensitive about the small things but committed to the big picture; well-connected (or eager-to-be-connected) to D.C.’s creative and cause-oriented community; admirably humble with a good sense of humor; and flexible with your schedule (working on weekends or evenings will be part of the gig.)

The right people will be talented and plugged-in communicators who are obsessed with sharing, who are dedicated to storytelling and design for social or environmental good, and who are willing to create things that haven’t been created before.

In-person interviews will be arranged in downtown D.C., for the right candidates. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

How to apply:

Review the job descriptions below and let us know why you’d be a good fit for a particular job.  Send an email to Creator and Curator Erica Schlaikjer, erica [at] benevolentmedia [dot] org, explaining:

  1. why you want to volunteer with us,
  2. what previous experiences you’ve had that make you an exceptional candidate for this position, and
  3. if you had to choose, what is the one problem you would want to solve through storytelling and design?

Include your resume or portfolio, with your contact information and links to all of your relevant social media profiles.


We need a Graphic/Web Designer to help bring our brand to life through beautiful marketing collateral, in print and online.


We need Photographers/Videographers to document our in-person live events, produce compelling narratives about benevolent media creators, and raise our profile among supporters, partners and sponsors.


We need a Venue Logistics Coordinator to coordinate and implement all logistics for events, including audio-visual equipment, vendors, storage, signage, set-up/take-down and emergency protocol, to ensure safe, organized and fun event programming.


We need a Publicity Coordinator to promote our events and projects to existing supporters, potential attendees, and influential newsmakers.


We need a Social Media Coordinator to manage conversations and interactions in our online communities and translate them into offline relationships.


We need a Content Manager to store, manage and distribute all of our digital assets across multiple platforms, databases and applications.

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