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The Pitch: The Last American Indian on Earth

  This post is part of “The Pitch” series, which follows up with socially conscious creatives who submitted to the inaugural Benevolent Media Pitch Night competition in November 2012. At the event, held in Washington, D.C., 13 different projects and organizations presented 3-minute proposals on how to use storytelling and design for social good, for a chance to win […]

Meet the Musicians: M.A.K.U Sound System on Partying for the People

As we approach the Fourth of July, it is hard not to think of our ancestors and respective immigrant histories. M.A.K.U Sound System is a band of Colombian musicians from Queens, New York with that groovy immigrant beat that is at the heart of the fabric of this country. The band will be playing their signature Afro-Colombian […]

Telling the Story of Jyoti Singh Pandey

Her name is Jyoti Singh Pandey. The 23-year-old female medical student was brutally raped by six men on a private bus on her way back from watching a movie in New Delhi on December 16. She died from her injuries two weeks later in a Singapore hospital. The crime has sent India and the world […]

Inspired Poetry: Ode to Louder Than a Bomb

  On Friday, February 24, Benevolent Media presented Louder Than a Bomb, a fundraiser party to benefit Split This Rock and the DC Youth Slam Team in Washington, D.C. Friends and fans joined us at The Dunes for a special evening featuring live performances by D.C.’s best and brightest youth poets, plus excerpts from Louder Than a Bomb, an award-winning documentary about the […]

Q&A with Jonathan Tucker: Poetry as an Agent for Change

Jonathan B. Tucker is a poet, educator, and coach of the DC Youth Slam Team. Two-time winner of the Community Oriented Underground Poet (COUP) Award from the National Underground Spokenword Poetry Awards, “JBT” is passionate about using poetry as a community organizing tool. When not working with students he can be found around D.C. performing and […]

Hip-Hop as Transnational Protest in “Furious Force of Rhymes”

    Hip-hop has always been breaking down barriers. American hip-hop artists were among the first to have videos shown on MTV, with shows like Yo! MTV Raps, which brought them national notoriety, intertwining their music with the dawn of a new global era in music. The evolution of hip-hop has not been confined to […]

Q&A with Greg Jacobs: Louder Than a Bomb

  The uplifting and inspiring documentary film Louder Than a Bomb follows four Chicago high school teams in their journey to compete in the world’s largest teen poetry slam, created by local nonprofit Young Chicago Authors that empowers youth through writing, publication and performance education. The feature film begins at the start of the school year, six months prior […]

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

  “We’re from Dallas, Texas and we love New York!” “Mommy loves you!” “Have a good day everybody!” “You are all wonderful!” These are just some of the nice things that people shouted into a megaphone installed on a wooden lectern displaying a placard with simple instructions: “Say Something Nice.” The installation was placed in […]