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New Website Collects Ideas to Improve the World

Have you ever wanted to see current or  potential  innovations for poverty or the environment without having to do a lot of researching or reading?  Have you ever thought of an idea and wanted to tell the world about it and get  feedback?  How it could be different was founded for these purposes – to […]

Mobile Technology Empowers Women, Enables Wealth

This article is part of our coverage of the 2012 Net Impact Conference in Baltimore. It originally appeared on Triple Pundit. “Across the board, nobody wants to do accounting,”  said Shivani Siroya, founder and CEO of inVenture, a global credit scoring company. ”It’s difficult or  they’re lazy or they don’t see the purpose.” Her company, currently working in India, is trying […]

made in Lower East Side: Everybody Wants to Help

  This post is part of a series contributed by made in Lower East Side (miLES), an initiative that facilitates the transformation of vacant lots and storefronts in the Lower East Side of New York City by listening, co-creating and prototyping with its residents. One of the amazing things about living in New York during the post-Hurricane […]

Design Thinking vs. Creative Intelligence: Who Cares?

  To me, design has always felt elitist. As a profession, it seems unattainable. In the arts world, it has to do with having better taste. In business, it’s about making more money. In engineering, it’s about solving bigger problems. And your way of problem-solving is “human-centered,” which means you have more empathy than others. If […]

Q&A with Heather Fleming, Founder and CEO of Catapult Design

Q&A with Heather Fleming, Founder and CEO of Catapult Design

Photo by PopTech. I first learned about Heather Fleming, founder and CEO of Catapult Design, almost a year ago when I read one of her blog posts, “The Future of Design: A U.S. Cell Phone Designed by Kenyans?“ on one of my favorite blogs, After reading her poignant piece, I was blown away. The thing […]

The Importance of Design Thinking: Reflections from Compostmodern 2011

Let me start by stating: Compostmodern 2011 was one of the best conferences I have ever been to. I have been to a lot of conferences in many sectors in my life, including international and national symposiums on climate change, environmental, governance, greenbuilding, business, communications, innovation, technology and design. Not only was Compostmodern a great conference because […]