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The Pitch: Faith in Action DC

This post is part of “The Pitch” series, which follows up with socially conscious creatives who submitted to the inaugural Benevolent Media Pitch Night competition in November 2012. At the event, held in Washington, D.C., 13 different projects and organizations presented 3-minute proposals on how to use storytelling and design for social good, for a chance to win funding to make their ideas a reality. (Read about all the winners and finalists here.)

As we gear up to host another Pitch Night during our Media Rise Festival in late-September, we want to know: Where are they now? What’s the status of their project? What lessons have they learned? Do they have any requests for collaboration?  Stay tuned!

We followed up with Jack Gordon, founder of Faith in Action DC and People’s Choice Award winner of our Pitch Night this past November. Since then, he has continued to be recognized for his multimedia project to document and celebrate the community service and social justice work of diverse people of faith throughout the D.C. region.

Project Status
Faith in Action DC continues to expand, following the 1st annual “DC Young Adult Faith Leaders Summit” on February 9. Young adults from different religious and cultural backgrounds gathered to share their mission and passion for doing social good.  The Youth Summit raised $1,000 for the Interfaith Conference of Washington; another $2,000 grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities grant helped to expand the Faith in Action DC website. The new design is user-friendly and polished.  Gordon said he has full intentions to hold another summit in February 2014 and make it twice as large as last year. He is also in the process of planning a documentary series to interview people on how their faith practice influences their life.

Support Needed
Faith in Action DC has big plans and is truly an exceptional resource for young adults to connect and share ideas on how we can make our own communities and world a better place. If you are interested in getting involved or simply sharing your ideas, contact Jack Gordon directly. He is always interested in learning about people who are involved in interfaith service. Additionally, the Interfaith Conference of Washington is at a critical point and donations and resources/services are continuously desired and greatly appreciated. See for more information.

Lessons Learned
Jack described how encouraging and moving it is to see people who have completely different ideas and beliefs rally around and support interfaith service. People having the confidence to come together is an achievement in itself. He explained how he has learned that it is best to always stay positive and imagine the best possible outcome. Having confidence in the power of your ideas will bring them to life.

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Haley Graves is a recent college graduate with a degree in sociology and a passion for creating social change through the world of social media. She is currently exploring the vast opportunities that Washington, D.C. has to offer and hopes to find a career in which she can use social media to inspire positive youth and community development. Haley believes that you can change the lives of others by simply doing what makes you happy.


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