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Meet the Musician: Edy Blu on Confronting Love, Music and Fear


What does “love” really mean, in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day?

To explore this question, Benevolent Media is hosting The Loving Market on Saturday, February 16. The daytime pop-up shop will transform into an evening cocktail reception, with love-themed art and music as the backdrop.

We caught up with vocalist and songwriter Edy Blu, who will perform with her band that night, to ask her about the quest of finding her true sound and musical peace.  After years of honing her own style, the accountant-turned-singer is getting ready to release her first EP.

What can we expect at The Loving Market?
Saturday you can expect tootsy, soulful, original music that expresses love in music. (Buy tickets to the cocktail reception here:

How did you get involved in music?
I moved to Australia to pursue a relationship with a guy I met while studying abroad. After graduating, I found at a job public accounting firm and moved to live with him, to later found out he had cheated on me. That was a big blow but then I used it as a way to start fresh. It was the first time as an adult woman that I was single, and I was at that point of, “what do I want to do with my life?” The first thing that came to my mind was music. I met a friend that was a singer and asked me to be in a music video. After the shoot, she asked me if I’ve ever thought of singing.

It’s amazing that after such a hard experience,  you found music. Was it hard to follow that calling?
Absolutely. I’ve always liked singing but I was very shy and I had all of these doubts: what if people didn’t like me? My friend said, “Who are you to not share that with the world?” Nobody had posed it to me like that. Before that moment, I had made it about all insecurities, my fears and me. At that moment, I realized what she meant. If you have that gift, you must share it. Everyone has talents and they are supposed to share it with the world.

Those are really powerful words. Art and music should always be about “we,” what you can give to others. So after that moment, you decided to go all in.
Yes, I realized that the world is a blank slate. I could do anything with my life, not because I’m special, but just because, as human beings, we have the potential of doing anything. I was ready to live the life of my dreams. And was like, “ok, I’m going to become a musician. I’m going to start singing.” So I started to take lessons, do open mics, little showcases that my friends would put together, and briefly joined a band.

Going back to the topic of love, the theme of our fundraiser event, do you think after having such a love letdown one can be capable of loving with the same passion? How much did that change you?
Now I know where I am going regardless of who I’m with, whereas when I was with him, it was about where we were going.

How did you end up back in D.C.?
I came to D.C. for a vacation and the music scene captivated me. It was incredible seeing the diversity: you can catch good Latin band one night, reggae, go-go, R&B singers, funk bands, people from all different backgrounds. I knew I had to come back if I was serious about music. And since I had family here, it worked fine. I joined a cover band and sang with See-I, which allowed me to grow as an artist. I learned a lot. They were the first band that I jammed with on that level of energy. It really helped me get comfortable on stage.

In your song “Music Lovers,” I can hear all that emotion you are talking about.  You begin by saying, “Burdens of my life keep bringing me down, but I can live life alone inside my frown.”
I tend to retreat when I’m feeling down and you should learn how to pick yourself up. That’s where the hook of the song comes in: “dance dance tonight” because dance helps everything.  The key message here is that we must recognize our fear and say “ok, I’m afraid, and I’m not going to let it stop me.” It really is about continuously confronting your fear and not letting it get in the way of what you want to do.

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Angela del Sol is a storyteller, fledgling tech geek and artist. The energetic Colombia native believes in social change through effective communication and fomenting culture and art. The American University School of Communication graduate aspires to pursue a career in the entertainment business and help promote positive role models in media. She is currently living in NYC but is always up for an adventure anywhere in the world. Follow her: @angeladelsol


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